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Focus On New Badger Airbrushes - USA

Dual action, gravity feed, internal Mix - The Krome 2 in 1 is a refined turbo charged version of the Renegade Velocity. Designed for the most talented, accomplished custom airbrush artist, and performing masterfully in extreme detail applications, the Krome features a soft-stroke trigger system that provides a lighter trigger tension. The Krome also features an attached finger/thumb rest for increased comfort, and a micrometer trigger setting dial that allows the setting of spray patterns to 1/1000" accuracy. The Krome also comes with both .2mm and .3mm needle/nozzles. Includes Renegade KROME airbrush with attached colour cup and instructions in a presentation case.

The Renegade airbrushes aren't for everybody - they are for the proven elite artist. This new airbrush series consists of three feature loaded airbrushes - The Velocity, the Spirit, and The Rage and now the newly added Krome. The Renegades are for use in extremely detailed and tight graphic applications. These incredibly innovative airbrushes possess the most precise paint tip and linear air flow (needle) angle specifications, and feature manufacturing processes and materials technology never before utilized by the airbrush industry.

The Renegade airbrushes are superior to anything that precedes them in a dedicated custom graphics airbrush. They truly take airbrushing to the next level. Any professional artist desiring the finest tools and to elevate their skill to its highest level needs to experience the beauty and perfection of the Renegade airbrushes.


Badger Air-Brush Co. has embraced the philosophies of high quality, good value, and superior service since our inception over forty-five years ago. From the people we employ to the products we manufacture, Badger’s dedication to excellence and quality is unmatched.

Every Badger product, at every stage of production, is created with pride and dedication. Each Badger airbrush component is machined to exacting standards, assembled carefully by hand and then tested in use to assure that it not only meets our high standards, but exceeds your expectations. Our research and development teams consistently experiment with new product ideas and designs in order to meet the changing needs and interests of airbrushers of all levels for every purpose.

Furthermore, our commitment to quality and innovation extends beyond the sale of an airbrush. As we have grown, we have established an extensive customer service/dealer network which can promptly provide supplies and replacement parts. In addition, Badger has developed a network of airbrush consultants that continually provide us with feedback from the end user’s perspective. This consultant network also enables Badger to excel as an education and trouble shooting resource for airbrushers of all skill levels. The conscientious manner in which we stand behind our product and the high level of support we offer BADGER airbrush users (and airbrushers in general) are part of what distinguishes BADGER from other airbrush manufacturers.



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